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Nisswa Turtle Races

It's off to the races every Wednesday throughout the summer with the Nisswa Turtle Races!  This event is a long standing tradition in the Nisswa community that draws a huge crowd each week for family fun.

Can you pick a winner?

Turtle size seems to be a constant debate here in Nisswa.  Some think that the smaller they are, the less weight they have, so the faster they are.  Some always choose small.

Others believe that big size is what matters.  Some pick the largest turtles thinking that the bigger, the more energy they have, and the faster they will race. 

Picking a fast turtle has been a secret for years.  All we can tell you is that turtles are like people.  The way they race depends on their mood.  You could pick a happy turtle or a sad turtle and it all depends on what they do with that mood.

Each turtle has its own personality.  Some turtle just sit there.  Others start on one course and then veer crazily off in another direction.  Others are spooked by all the people around them.  You have to take all these factors into account when picking a fast turtle.  Each turtle is different.

Oh, yes, and it always helps when you name your turtle.